What is Raphaology and Peak Frequency Foods?

According to Dr. Morning Wolf who coined the term, Raphaology is “the science of enabling the earth to progress to her peak frequency as a sun, and the knowledge of bringing peak frequency light to all matter.” I would say that at the base of this modality is the understanding that we are light beings that are housed in a body of flesh and blood, and our goal is to care for our body so that we can lead a long life on the earth and accomplish our purpose in life.

With Raphaology, we feed the glands in us that produce light and omit the unnatural or modified foods that introduce toxins into our body. When we are careful to feed our endocrine system, we support the entire body. Through herbs we can repair the damage that we have already done to ourselves and through foods we boost the function of our organs.

Peak frequency foods are foods that have the most nutrition and enzymes and benefit specific organs in the body. Even some foods that most consider healthy are no longer peak due to their lack of enzymes and nutrients because of our current farming practices and genetic modification. Organic is certainly better, but even in the case of organic foods, some are still not considered a peak frequency food. For a list of foods that are peak and foods to avoid, go to nurturedliving.com/raphaology-resources.html and download the “Peak Food List.”

Another factor to consider regarding peak frequency foods is whether the food causes the body to become acidic or if it is alkalizing. All the foods on the peak frequency list are alkalizing. At the link above, you can download the “Peak Food Conversion Chart” to see a list of foods to avoid and its peak food replacement.

Contact Nurtured Living for more information on Raphaology and how to start your own program so that you can restore your body to peak health.

How Does The Food We Eat Affect Our Emotions?

Is it possible that the food we eat can affect our emotional state? From what I have discovered in studying Raphaology and experimenting with the foods I have been eating, the answer is a resounding yes. Just think, people who have depression, or excessive fear or worry, or who feel lonely or feel self pity, they could change how they feel just by eating specific foods that can boost the function of the hormone gland that can cause that emotion.

If you are prone to worry, foods that retain gold light from the sun are the foods you want to eat. This would be food that specifically supports the pituitary gland, which in Raphaology language is the lemon.

For depression, the hormone producing gland that is affected is the pineal gland. Apricots is the food that retains yellow light from the sun and will support the function of the pineal gland. Hopelessness falls into this category, so if you have feelings of hopelessness, try eating more apricots for a period of time and see how you feel.

I have been changing the foods I eat to foods that are more supportive of my endocrine system, and I have noticed a change in how I feel. I seem to be able to take more things in stride, and I am sensing that I have less fear about things–more courage.

With all that I have learned about food and how it affects our emotions, I can’t help but wonder about the diets of people who do criminal acts against others or even harm themselves. I wonder if a better diet could have helped them to not feel the anger or depression that led them to carry out their hurtful actions. I’m sure other factors are involved, but I am convinced that food plays a part in how we feel and possibly how we act out our emotions.

It pays in many ways to pay attention to the food we eat and to take special care of the glands that govern our organs and emotions.

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