Raphaology Help Facilitate Communication Between your Body and Brain

Raphaology could be described as a modality that accesses the communication system of the body, where knowledgeable practitioners of Raphaology help facilitate communication between your body and your brain and suggest herbs, foods and colors based on this dialogue. Our bodies know exactly what we need and are continually trying to communicate with us. Understanding how our bodies communicate with us and figuring out how to give our bodies what it needs will help lead us to better health.

The communication access points are found on the feet. With similarities to reflexology, it is not the same thing. Some of the points are different, and the technique of applying pressure is different as well. Where reflexology mainly uses the thumb to apply pressure to specific points on the foot, in Raphaology, the knuckle is used on the bottom of the feet and the finger pad is used on the top of the feet.

The nerve endings found on the bottom of the feet are connected up to different body parts. If there is pain somewhere on the foot, the organ that is attached to that point is asking for attention. In some cases it could be screaming. (Hopefully that will not be you :) ) The Raphaology practitioner takes note of these points and refers back to them during the last part of the session where they will use your feet once again to help communicate what herbs, foods and colors your body would like to ingest. It may sound strange to include color here, but it is part of the healing process. When you realize that each endocrine gland utilized a specific color frequency from the sun, and that frequency is absorbed into the food used to support the body, it makes more sense how color has a nutritional benefit that is incorporated into this modality.

If this sparks your curiosity, let me know. I would like to share this information with everyone and help to facilitate a dialogue between your body and your brain.

For more information on Raphaology, visit nurturedliving.com/raphaology-resources.html.