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Reducing Stress Inside Your Body So Your Body Can Heal Itself

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Raphaology: What is it?

Raphaology is a system that was put together to help give people the information they need so they can support their body’s own recovery process. This modality uses “ID Therapy” which uses a way of pressing on the foot to see where there are uncomfortable spots. This helps to determine what colors, foods and herbs the body wants to help support it’s own recovery process.

How Our Body Heals

Think of your health as an onion. The most recent disease process would be represented by the top layer of the onion. As you get better, it is like you are pealing the onion layer by layer. In Raphaology, during this process, you don’t always address the symptoms of a dis-ease. You determine where the body wants to start the healing process and you go from there. You might have issues with your pancreas, but your body has a supreme intelligence and it knows what it needs to recover. It may be that you need to support your liver function before you can address your pancreas. Your body can show you its individual path that it wants to travel to get better.

This modality offers a way for you to communicate with your body so that you can know what your body needs in its recovery process.

Booth at Home & Life Super Expo - Eat PeakA recovery cycle occurs every three weeks, so there are follow up sessions every three weeks or so to see how your body wants to continue moving forward.

Start Your Own Healing Process:

Raphaology uses a system of eating "peak" foods that support specific organs and includes herbal extracts and teas and other helpful products based on your bodies individual needs. With regular ID therapy sessions, you will be on a path of discovery to see how your body accomplishes what it needs before it progresses to the next step of recovery. It really is a wonder to experience the innate intelligence that is built in to each one of us.


To set your body on its own individual path to recovery, call for an appointment at 602-722-1104.
I am available for appointments most evenings and weekends.

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