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Toe Reading
Sole Reflection Session (Toe Reading)

Sole Reflection Session

Sole Reflection Session (aka Toe Reading)

A Sole Reflection Session provides a way to recognize or become aware of thought patterns you may have developed in your life, and through this awareness, gives you the opportunity to make new choices so that you can step forward in a new direction. Download a sample online Sole Reflection Session. For a session, send me a picture of your feet and pay for your session here.

This session can be done in many different ways

It can be a fun 15-minute encounter, often described as a parlor game, or it can be a 1-½ hour sole-to-soul coaching session.

Toe readers are taught that everything is something. What is seen on the toes is the accumulation of a person’s life experience and is revealed by the size, shape and lines found on the toes. Every freckle, the shape of every toenail, toe rings and nail polish all add into the picture. If you previously broke your toe, what kind of break was it? Which toe did you break? How did it change after it healed? Everything is significant.

Toe reading can be used to obtain more understanding about yourself. The questions that are asked in a session often help a person remember a situation in their life, or bring up an emotion that may be a contributing factor in the immunity and vitality of a person. Becoming aware of the emotions that affect the way our immune system functions, can motivate us to change our thinking so we can step out in a way that will contribute to a stronger body.

Whether you choose to have your toes read for fun or for more clarity regarding your life experience, toe reading is an amazing tool that can be used to enhance and improve your life.

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